Still alive

Does anybody even check this blog anymore? haha I haven’t posted anything new in over 4 years. My mojo is still pretty much gone. I moved in May of 2009 and still have not completely unpacked. If you don’t know me, this is totally me. I think it comes from having moved so much when I was younger that I now just expect it every few years and leave tons of stuff packed so I don’t have to repack it moments later.

So my craft stuff is still pretty much packed in boxes, but I know where it is. I just don’t have the space to do anything at the moment. And it sucks because I got a tall kitchen trash bag full of fabric from someone on freecycle last year and it keeps calling my name. I can do hand sewing, but I want my sewing machine! Which is still at the store, unpurchased. lol


Hello world!

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Everything posted here is either for sale or you can commission a similiar item to your liking. Email me at if you have any questions about a specific item or would like something custom made.

price list
(unless otherwise listed)
gift wrap available.

bracelets: $10
earrings: $8
paintings: $20
8×10 print: $15

At some point I am going to start including other items such as notebooks/journals, greeting cards and felt monsters. I just need to get my crafting space more in order.

have you seen my mojo?

Seriously it’s gone. I haven’t really done anything crafty lately. I’ve had no desire to make new jewelry or work with my graphic tablet. I recently got some cross stitch stuff and have been trying to start on that, but I’ve only been doing a very, very small section at a time before stopping.


Come back to me mojo! Come back!

more artwork

more abstract drawings made with my graphic tablet. resized, the originals are 8×10.

new artwork

abstract drawings made with my graphic tablet. these are resized and the originals are 8×10.

painting #1

This was painted back in July. It’s a mixed-media of paint, paper, photo and stickers. 8×10 canvas board. $20.

painting #2

I just painted this yesterday. Mountains, the sky and a couple flowers. 8×10 canvas board. $20.